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A social media agency assures a connection with your audience, getting a loyal community organically, interested in your content, humanizing your brand, and impacting with your exclusive designs to your future client, and THIS IS WHAT WE DO.

At Daart, we have been dedicated to different online marketing tasks for more than 15 years, and we are committed to the presence of brands on social media to increase the company’s popularity and improve its relationship with potential customers from the outset.

Why Social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the best way to attract more visitors and increase brand visibility. It is easy to use and more attractive for people.  The social media advertising agency is aware of this, and they put effort into creating an effective social media marketing strategy. Daart social media marketing in the UK is an excellent solution for businesses to access their target audience

Benefits of social media marketing agency services


Customer Data Analysis

We carry out a detailed analysis of the data provided by the client, generating an internal diagnosis that will allow us to evaluate the degree of maturity of the company regarding the use of social networks.

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Research and Audience Profiling

We consider the characteristics of your potential audience for each social media platform Facebook,Twitter,Instagram… We define the buyer persona, your interests, and your needs. The better we know our followers, the more attracted they will be to the brand and its content. Our goal is to generate high levels of "engagement" and satisfaction in the relationship with the brand.


Audience social tracking

We listen to conversations about your brand and your products and services. We want to be aware of everything that affects your company, which is why we analyze the conversations that revolve around your activity sector and your competition's products and services. We incorporate all this knowledge into your social media strategy.



Based on data analysis, your brand's objectives, and your budget, we define the future of your digital presence a comprehensive strategy for you and your company.

Daart Social Media Advertising Agency services

We create social media strategies for companies or brands with creative actions focused on achieving your desired results. We consider all aspects of digital communication to create a community and potentially loyal customers.

Social media content

We create editorial, graphic, and audiovisual content and send it to your followers at the right time. We speak the language of each platform and generate engagement among our followers from their first contact with the brand until we turn them into brand ambassadors.

Social media advertising

We design advertising campaigns on social networks to reach the audience you need for your product or service. We analyze the scenarios, make projections and optimize the budget to achieve positive results: increase visits, get new followers, or increase user comments.


We identify the audience you want to reach to obtain the best results in the social media strategy. We create a community of users interested in your company or brand with messages considering age, gender, demographic data, and general interests, among others.

Affordable social media management Services

Daart, as Social media management UK manages the day-to-day of your social media, publishing new content, interacting with your followers, responding to comments, and boosting your communities.

Company Profile creation

Once we have defined the social network strategy, we will create new profiles in the selected networks or update the existing ones to achieve optimal performance of your company's pages.

Digital channel management

Daart, as a Social Media Packages for Small Business, will manage your digital channels using an editorial calendar based on relevant content for your audience. We will select the best days and times for your posts to have the most significant impact.

User monitoring and management

We will monitor the reach of our posts and the interaction they generate. We will manage the responses and reactions your publications generate so that the user recognizes their contribution to the brand.

Results Reports

To contextualize and value our efforts in social media, our Low-Cost Social Media Management analyzes and measures results. We can measure our results in free and paid media through various analytical tools.